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Can a Furnace Survive a Flood?

Ottawa and the surrounding areas had some significant floods last spring. As we approach the spring again, we at Anchor Home Comfort know we’ll get calls from concerned customers asking if a furnace can survive a flood. Unfortunately, the answer is that if a furnace has been exposed to flood water, it likely needs to […]

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Earth Day in Ottawa

Earth Day isn’t just a private event you focus on in your own home. Thanks to the events held by Ecology Ottawa, you can celebrate Earth Day in Ottawa publicly with other people who are environmentally conscious. Participating is a great way to deepen your knowledge of the environment, focus on making better choices, and even […]

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How to Clean a Furnace

Dirty furnaces may waste fuel, create a burning smell, and slowly wear down and need early replacement. Therefore, it’s important for you to know how to clean a furnace, or to ask a professional to step in and do your yearly furnace maintenance. Here’s how you can get started, and where you may need a […]

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Things to Do In Ottawa This Winter

Ottawa is so well known for its winter activities that tourism actually heats up once it gets cold out. Those who have winter vacations, but don’t want to trouble themselves or their budget by flying somewhere warm can enjoy mysterious, magical winter attractions in Ottawa. There are family events, romantic experiences for couples, and hockey […]

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Furnace Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you rent or own, heating and cooling are important for comfortable living. One way to ensure your home climate is stable is to practice regular furnace safety. Throughout this blog, you’ll learn more about the dos and don’ts of safe furnace maintenance. Don’t Investigate or Repair Natural Gas Equipment Your furnace is an appliance […]

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Air Conditioning Facts and Myths

There are many air conditioner myths floating around and it can be difficult to separate what’s fact from fiction. From how you set your thermostat to getting the biggest unit available to cool your home, there’s enough misinformation out there to make you second guess how to get the most out of your air conditioner. […]

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