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Furnace Maintenance

Professional Furnace Maintenance in Ottawa, ON

Furnace maintenance & tune-ups for Ottawa & surrounding area.

As the temperatures drop and winter approaches in Oakville, your furnace turns into a vital component that keeps your home cozy and comfortable. Regular maintenance is absolutely essential to ensuring that your furnace runs smoothly and efficiently. Furnace maintenance not only ensures ideal heating performance but it also increases the lifespan of your unit, improves indoor air quality, and facilitates energy efficiency, which could save you money over time.

At Anchor Home Comfort, our team of certified HVAC technicians has worked with many homeowners in Oakville and the surrounding areas, providing high-quality maintenance solutions customized to each customer’s specific needs. We value your satisfaction while offering you confidence that your home and furnace are in competent hands. Anchor Home Comfort will provide outstanding customer service and quality solutions regardless of the current condition of your heating system.

We recognize that furnace breakdowns can occur at any time, leaving you out in the cold. That is why Anchor Home Comfort is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! That’s correct! In the event of an emergency, we are available after hours, on weekends, and even on holidays at no extra charge. It is simple and easy to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment in Oakville with Anchor Home Comfort. Just give us a call or use our secure online reservation system, and we’ll make sure your home and loved ones stay warm and comfortable all winter long!

Schedule your furnace maintenance appointment today and rely on our experienced team to keep your furnace running at its peak efficiency!

What Maintenance Should I Do On My Furnace?

Keeping your furnace in good working form is essential for a comfortable and cozy home throughout the colder months in Ottawa. While some furnace maintenance tasks can be completed by homeowners, others should be left to professional technicians, given the complexity of these heating systems. Their knowledge and experience ensure a thorough and dependable maintenance procedure that keeps your furnace operating efficiently and securely. So, let’s take a look at some of the tasks that professional technicians typically perform during furnace maintenance appointments in more detail below:

  • In-depth inspection: Professional technicians will examine all components of your furnace, including the heat exchanger, burners, ignition system, and electrical wiring. They essentially look for wear, damage, and potential hazards that could be causing damage to your equipment.
  • Cleaning and lubrication: Technicians will clean the blower motor, heat exchanger, combustion chamber, and other mechanical components. They clean up contaminants such as dirt and dust that can obstruct efficiency. Lubrication is also applied to motor bearings and other components that move to reduce friction.
  • Air filter cleaning or replacement: Technicians will then inspect the furnace air filter and, if necessary, replace or clean it depending on the model of furnace you have installed in your home. They make certain that the filter is the correct dimension and is properly installed in order to maintain optimal airflow and indoor air quality.
  • Gas system inspection: Afterwards, a technician will examine the gas supply line, gas valve, and other associated parts on your gas furnaces. They’ll inspect the system for gas leaks, double-check proper gas pressure, and ensure it’s able to operate safely.
  • Safety control test: Then, technicians will go about testing and validating the functionality of safety controls such as the limit switch, pressure switch, and flame sensor. They’ll ensure that these critical components are functioning properly in order to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Combustion analysis: A professional technician may conduct a combustion analysis to determine the combustion effectiveness of your furnace. In order to guarantee a safe and efficient furnace operation, gas pressure, temperature differentials, and carbon monoxide levels will be measured.
  • System calibration and adjustment: To optimize effectiveness and performance, technicians check and modify furnace settings such as thermostat controls, fan speed, and ignition timing. This helps to ensure that the furnace works within its intended parameters.
  • Repair or upgrade recommendations: If any difficulties or potential problems are discovered during the scheduled service visit, a qualified technician will make recommendations for needed fixes or propose upgrades to improve the furnace’s performance and cost-effectiveness.

There are numerous advantages to using a professional technician from Anchor Home Comfort for your furnace maintenance in Ottawa. Their thorough inspections, cleaning, calibration, and expertise will guarantee that your furnace operates optimally for you throughout the winter. You can have peace of mind knowing that possible problems will be identified and resolved quickly by leaving these tasks up to our team!

So, when was the last time your home’s furnace received maintenance? If you can’t recall or have neglected your service up until now, the team at Anchor Home Comfort is here to help!

Anchor Home Comfort is available around the clock, 365 days a year! That’s right! We are available after hours, on weekends, and even on holidays at no extra charge in the event of an emergency. Scheduling your furnace maintenance appointment in Ottawa with Anchor Home Comfort is simple and straightforward. Simply call us or use our secure online booking system, and we’ll make sure your system is back up and running optimally for you in no time!

Do you offer furnace maintenance plans for future tune-ups?

Yes, we do! See our protection plans for more information or contact a Home Comfort Advisor near you today.

What happens when you don’t service your furnace?

Imagine yourself shivering on a cold winter day in Ottawa, desperately trying to stay warm in your home despite your furnace being turned on and operating. What is the root cause? More often than not, it’s a failure to service your furnace! Regular furnace maintenance isn’t just a chore that can get thrown aside and left unfinished for years; it’s a necessary task that needs to be done in order to ensure that your home stays warm and cozy during the cold season. When you disregard the significance of professional furnace servicing, you set the stage for a cascade of possible problems that could jeopardize your safety as well as your comfort. Let’s take a closer look at some of the consequences you could experience in your home without proper furnace maintenance:

  • Reduced energy efficiency: Without regular service, the efficiency of your furnace can deteriorate over time. The accumulation of dust and debris on vital parts, such as the fan motor or heat exchanger, can obstruct airflow and heat transfer. As a consequence, your furnace may fail to achieve and maintain desired temperatures, causing discomfort and increased energy bills.
  • Increased energy consumption: An inadequately maintained furnace may require greater amounts of energy to produce the same amount of heat. Ineffectiveness caused by dirty filters, clogged burners, or malfunctioning parts can force the system to work longer and more intensively to reach the desired level of comfort. As a result, energy consumption increases will lead to more expensive utility costs each month.
  • Breakdowns will become more common: Neglected furnaces are more susceptible to breakdowns. The accumulation of contaminants, worn-out parts, and overlooked repairs can all cause different parts to malfunction or fail altogether. This can lead to unforeseen system failures, leaving you without heat during cold weather and necessitating costly emergency repairs.
  • Reduced service lifespan: When routine upkeep is neglected, the lifespan of a furnace can be greatly decreased. When wear and tear go uncontrolled, minor issues can turn into major ones. By regularly servicing your furnace, you can address minor problems before they become major ones, extending the life of your system for years to come.
  • Risks to safety: Furnace maintenance includes critical safety inspections. An ignored furnace might have impaired safety features, such as faulty gas valves or ignition systems. This raises the possibility of gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, or fire risks. Regular maintenance ensures that your furnace runs safely, protecting you and your family from these dangers.
  • Poor interior air quality: Cleaning or replacing air filters and examining ventilation systems are all part of furnace maintenance. When these tasks are neglected, your furnace will circulate dust, allergens, and pollutants throughout your home, resulting in poor indoor air quality. This can result in respiratory problems, allergies, and a general decrease in your overall well-being and comfort.

Neglecting furnace maintenance can result in a chain reaction of unfavourable outcomes. By investing in professional furnace servicing on a regular basis, you can safeguard your comfort, prolong the life of your furnace, maximize energy efficiency, and guarantee the safety of your home and loved ones. Don’t put off your furnace maintenance until the cold weather arrives!

Are you way overdue on your maintenance tasks? Anchor Home Comfort is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! That’s correct! In the event of an emergency, we’ll perform the task you need after hours, on weekends, and even on holidays at no extra charge. It is simple and straightforward to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment in Ottawa with Anchor Home Comfort. Simply give us a call or use our secure online scheduling system!

When is the best time of year to get a tune up?

The best time of year to have your furnace professionally serviced is in the early fall before temperatures in the area drop. By booking your maintenance appointment in the early fall, you’re giving yourself enough time to have your equipment thoroughly assessed, cleaned, and tuned-up without needing to rely on your furnace to heat your home. This means less disruption within your home and your comfort levels. Furthermore, by having your furnace professionally serviced in the fall, you’ll have plenty of time to conduct any repair work, which not only offers you peace of mind moving into the winter season, but also ensures that your equipment will operate optimally for your needs.

The advantages of a furnace tune-up are worth it, making annual maintenance a highly valuable service. The benefits are undeniable, really! The cost of a tune-up is a wise investment as it results in lower energy bills, fewer breakdowns, and a longer lifespan for your furnace. Don’t wait until the winter chill sets in; schedule a professional furnace tune-up today and reap the benefits of a well-kept heating system that keeps you comfortable throughout the season.

Are you way behind on your maintenance duties? Anchor Home Comfort is available around the clock, 365 days a year! That’s right! In the event of an emergency, we will complete the task you require after hours, on weekends, and even on holidays at no additional cost. Scheduling your furnace maintenance appointment in Ottawa with Anchor Home Comfort is simple and straightforward. Contact us over the phone or use our safe online appointment system!

How much does furnace maintenance cost?

The cost of furnace maintenance in Ottawa, Ontario varies depending on several factors. The size of your home, the age and condition of your furnace, the type of furnace you own, and the hourly rate of the technician you hire will all determine the price.

Can I do a furnace tune-up myself?

We strongly advise against performing your own furnace tune-up, especially if you lack the skills and expertise that are required to get the job done right. Furnaces are complicated systems that require specialized knowledge and training to operate properly. Without the necessary skills, performing a furnace tune-up can result in safety risks and damage to your equipment and home.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of your furnace, leave the task to a qualified HVAC technician who has the knowledge and equipment to perform accurate tune-ups. They can detect potential problems, optimize the furnace’s performance, and keep your home safe and comfortable during the colder months throughout the year.

So, when was the last time you booked a maintenance appointment for the furnace in your home? If you’re unsure or it’s been a while, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Anchor Home Comfort as soon as possible! Without proper maintenance, you can risk damaging your home’s furnace! But, with the help of the team at Anchor Home Comfort, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll have your equipment ready to operate efficiently for you and your family in no time!

How often should my furnace be serviced?

Generally speaking, homeowners should aim to have their home’s furnace professionally serviced at least once a year from the time that it is installed into their homes. Schedule a service appointment in the fall, just before the months get colder when you’ll be relying on your furnace more often. Regular maintenance ensures that your furnace runs efficiently, reduces the likelihood of unforeseen breakdowns, and extends its lifespan.

A qualified technician is able to examine and clean different parts, check for any potential problems or safety hazards, and perform essential maintenance tasks during your service appointment. They may also lubricate components that move, test the system’s performance, and make any necessary modifications for maximum efficiency where necessary.

Remember that furnaces play an important role in keeping your home warm and comfortable, so they must be serviced on a regular basis. By providing annual maintenance to your furnace, you can help ensure its dependability and efficiency, giving you peace of mind during the colder months of the year. Without doing so, you may be left in the cold at inconvenient times, which will cause unnecessary stress.

On the other hand, your home’s furnace system contains an air filter that, over time, collects dust, hair, dirt, and other debris that may be circulating in your air. When a blockage occurs, it can not only put a strain on your furnace equipment but can also create a dusty, uncomfortable home interior. Therefore, in order to avoid this, homeowners will want to change or clean their air filter at least once every 3 months to ensure optimal performance and comfort. In contrast, if you live in a home with pets, changing or cleaning your furnace air filter more often, for example, every month, may be more beneficial due to shedding and pet dander that can circulate through your air.

Anchor Home Comfort is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! That’s correct! In the event of an emergency, we will complete the task at no extra charge after hours, on weekends, and even on holidays. It is simple and straightforward to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment in Ottawa with Anchor Home Comfort. 

What Leads to a Furnace's Failure?

The team at Anchor Home Comfort has prepared a list of factors you can look out for that may imply it is time to hire a professional HVAC company to come to your home and repair your furnace, as early detection is key to preventing further damage. Listed below are some of the warning signs that your home’s furnace system is failing:

  • Your furnace system is not turning on
  • The pilot light is discoloured
  • You are unable to adequately heat your home to your liking
  • There are weird noises coming from your furnace system
  • There is poor air flow coming from your furnace system
  • Your heating bill is unusually high even though you have not been using your furnace system any more than usual
  • There are strange smells coming from your furnace system
  • You find yourself having to constantly adjust your thermostat
  • You or a member of your family are experiencing unexplained allergies or flu-like symptoms
  • The blower motor in your furnace system is always running
  • You notice that your home is always dusty no matter how often you clean it

Do any of the above-mentioned signs sound familiar to you? If this is the case, it may be time to upgrade your home’s furnace system. Fortunately, the Anchor Home Comfort team is here to assist.

Contact us by phone or by using our secure online appointment system!


Providing you With Answers & Solutions
  • How are homes heated in Ottawa and when should the heat be turned on?

    The majority of homes in Canada are heated by furnaces. Of these, some use oil or propane-based furnaces, but most are natural gas-based. While most homes are heated by some type of furnace, you may find other heating methods in local homes, such as baseboard heaters, solar heaters, heat pumps, and boilers.

    As a homeowner, it’s up to you to decide when to turn your heat on. In essence, when your home’s temperature is uncomfortably cold, that’s likely a sign to switch your heating system on. According to the World Health Organization, the ideal indoor temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius.

  • How much does HVAC cost in Ottawa?

    This question is impossible to answer as there are many different HVAC services available to local residents. For example, the cost of installing a central air conditioner isn’t the same as repairing a furnace or heat pump. The type of service – whether it be an installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance – as well as the type of unit (heat pump, furnace, air conditioner, boiler, etc.) are two factors that will determine the cost.

    Other factors that will impact how much your HVAC service costs include the size of your home, the age and condition of your home’s existing ductwork (if applicable), and the extent of the problem, in the case of repairs. The best way to find out the price of an HVAC service in Ottawa, Ontario is to request a quote from Anchor Home Comfort.

  • How do I know if my HVAC system is working properly?

    If you notice any of the following signs, it might signal a problem: uneven temperatures, problems with humidity levels, a rattling or buzzing sound coming from your furnace, or an unexplained spike in your utility bills.

    If these signs sound familiar, or you want peace of mind knowing your HVAC system is working as it should, contact Anchor Home Comfort. We will send a certified technician to inspect your HVAC system. We even have a 24/7 emergency line, and there is no extra charge for emergency, weekend, holiday, or after-hours service calls.

  • How often does my HVAC system need maintenance?

    Homeowners should book a maintenance service for their HVAC system once a year.

    Maintenance services are one of the most effective preventative ways of ensuring your HVAC system is functioning optimally and preserving your system. Having your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or whatever unit you use annually assessed by a professional extends its lifespan, makes your system more energy efficient, and can save you money down the line.

    Anchor Home Comfort offers some of the most thorough HVAC maintenance services in the Ottawa region. During the maintenance service, your technician will do the following: inspect the thermostat and heating system and calibrate it as needed, lubricate all moving parts in the system to decrease friction, clean and replace the air filter, if necessary, test the system’s safety controls and startup cycle, and complete a written analysis of their findings.

  • How often should a furnace or air conditioner be replaced?

    Modern furnace and AC units are designed to last between 10 and 20 years. In contrast, if your home is outfitted with a new, modern AC unit, it is more likely to last between 15 and 20 years.

    Signs your furnace or AC might need to be replaced include uneven heating and cooling, a rise in utility bills without explanation, visible rust or cracks on your existing unit, humidity problems, or buzzing or rattling sounds. If any of these signs sound familiar, get in touch with Anchor Home Comfort. We can answer your questions or send a technician to your home to inspect your HVAC system. Please note that we offer same-day and next-day installations of both heating and cooling systems in Ottawa.

  • How much does it cost to install central air in Ottawa?

    Many Ottawa homeowners prefer central air conditioners. Unlike their window or portable counterparts, central air conditioning tends to be more effective. With Ottawa summers only getting hotter, AC isn’t just a luxury anymore. If you’re thinking of installing central air conditioning in your Ottawa home, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost. This ultimately depends on several key factors, such as the size and layout of your home, the age and condition of your home’s existing ductwork, and the size and model of air conditioning unit you buy. Beyond the initial price of installation, you should also budget for the cost of running the unit. However, if you’re replacing an older central air conditioner with a new model, then your monthly energy bills may decrease due to greater energy efficiency.

    Overall, the best way to find out the cost of installing a central A/C unit in your Ottawa home is to request a free quote from Anchor Home Comfort.

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