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When to Replace Your Gas Furnace

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Eventually, your gas furnace will need to be replaced. Has the day arrived, or does your furnace just need some repairs to give you a few more years of service life? It all depends on what will be most cost-effective and comfortable for you. While a professional can help guide you based on the specifics of your situation, there are some things that you can think about in preparation for that discussion. Here’s what you need to know about when to replace your gas furnace.

Major or Multiple Repairs

Sometimes, it is more cost-effective to simply replace your furnace than to make very major repairs, or to keep up with increasing repairs. For example, if the heat exchanger on your furnace has been damaged, you are typically better served simply buying a new furnace, as this is one of the most expensive components.

Older furnaces may also start to need frequent repairs as they approach the end of their life. At the end, you’ll still need to cover the cost of a replacement. So, it may be best for you to skip these last few expensive years and replace your furnace immediately.

An Aging Furnace

What’s an old furnace? Most furnaces will need to be replaced at about the 12 – 15 year mark. It’s suggested that you start looking for a replacement this year so that you’ll be ready to make the decision if your furnace stops working. You may want to swap it out before this point though, as an aging furnace will have significantly reduced efficiency and may be costing you a lot of money in utilities. Plus, you then avoid the potential emergency situation of having a furnace that breaks down in the middle of winter.

Unsure about the best time to replace your furnace? Give our experts at Anchor Home Comfort a call today to learn more.

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Inefficiency and Poor Heating

Furnaces that are old or otherwise damaged may drive up your heating bill by using their fuel inefficiently. They may also fail to properly disperse heat throughout your home, causing cold spots that make you turn up the furnace and spend even more money just trying to heat your home. When a furnace is performing this poorly, it may be in your best interests to simply replace it rather than to spend all of this money, especially if repairs also don’t address the issue or are very expensive.

Noises and Other Problems

Sometimes a furnace may reduce the quality of your comfort in your home. If the furnace is noisy, for example, you may want to replace it with a quieter version. Unless the noise can be addressed with repairs.

If you are experiencing issues with your furnace or have questions about whether it is time to replace your old furnace, the experts at Anchor Home Comfort can help you. Give us a call today.