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When to Repair vs Replace Your Central Air Conditioner

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Your air conditioner is old, but also in need of repairs. Should you repair or replace it? Or, maybe your air conditioner isn’t too old but keeps racking up repair bills. What should you do then? There are a number of factors that might sway you to repair or replace your air conditioner. To make sure you’re making the best decision, we suggest you talk it over with an HVAC technician you trust. There are a few factors you might want to bring up with them, and we’ll discuss those factors below.

The Age of the Air Conditioner

The older an air conditioner is, the more likely it is that simply replacing it is your best bet. As your air conditioner gets older, the more likely it is to break down altogether. This makes investing repair money into it less and less worthwhile. Plus, older air conditioners are less efficient, and upgrading them may save you a lot of money on utilities as well. However, very young air conditioners may be worthwhile to repair even if the repair bill is high.

The Cost of the Repairs

Sometimes, the worst happens to your air conditioner and it has very expensive repairs. Depending on the extent of the repairs, and the nature of them, it may be wiser to simply replace it. This should be a detailed calculation with your HVAC professional, but you can ballpark it for yourself right now. Multiply the cost of your repairs by the age of the air conditioner. If that amount is under $5,000, you should repair it. If it’s over, it’s best to replace it.

That said, if your air conditioner keeps needing small repairs, these also add up. If there is no underlying issue causing the repairs that can be fixed, it may be better to just replace the unit. You’ll want to consult closely with your HVAC professional on this one. Contact our team at Anchor Home Comfort today to learn more.

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Efficiency and Utilities

It won’t surprise you that an inefficient air conditioner could cost you a lot of money in utilities. You may not notice this cost unless you’re tracking your utility usage and comparing it against last year’s numbers. It’s worthwhile to keep track just to catch an air conditioner that is running up your bill. It’s possible that your HVAC technician can make your air conditioner more efficient with some repairs. However, if they can’t, it may be worthwhile to replace it instead. Depending on what the utilities are costing you, an efficient air conditioner may pay for itself in lowered utility bills quickly.

If you are wondering whether you should be repairing or replacing your air conditioner, reach out to the experts at Anchor Home Comfort. We have the knowledge and experience to honestly guide you to make the right choice for you, considering your priorities, not ours. Contact us today.