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Fresh Homes Rely on Home Ventilation Systems

Is the air in your home too stale? Sometimes it’s clear when your air has become stuffy from humidity, kitchen smells, or dust. Other people get so used to their home’s air that they don’t notice it—although guests do. The next time you return home after a few hours away, take a deep breath. If your air is less than welcoming, you could use a home ventilation system.

There are two general types of home ventilation systems: local ventilators and whole-home ventilators. You may have local ventilators, like range hoods, in your home, but these may not be enough to freshen your whole home.

How Do Whole Home Systems Work?

Local ventilators are straightforward, they ventilate the air in a specific area. They bring that air outside of the house. You might have local ventilation installed in your bathroom, garage, or kitchen. Mind you, these ventilators are different from fans. Fans just move the air through the home, without actually getting rid of it. This might dilute smells and particles, but that can end up making the air quality worse in the whole home.

Fans and local ventilators are surpassed by whole-home ventilators. Whole-home ventilation systems work by continuously exhausting your home’s stale air outside. They bring in fresh air from the outdoors, passing it through a filter first. Whole-house ventilators can remove many air contaminants from your home, including odours, gases, particles, and humidity. You’ll feel the benefit of these systems everywhere in the house, instead of just in select rooms.

Professional Whole House Ventilator Installation

A whole house ventilator can be sold as a Heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy recovery ventilators (ERV), as they both recover some of the energy you’ve put into the air before it becomes exhausted outside. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of proper ventilation and which type works best for your home we can help.

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Benefits of Whole Home Ventilation

Why choose a whole-home ventilator? These impressive systems have many benefits:

Remove smells

Any room in the house can produce smells, whether it’s from the leftover pizza or the stuffiness of a bedroom in summer. Whole-home ventilators can clean up all of these smells, without you having to spray an air freshener.

Remove humidity

Excess humidity produced in the bathroom and kitchen can spread through the house, where it can cause moisture problems, including mold growth. Removing humidity helps keep your home at the right humidity, to be comfortable and fresh.

Don’t lose your heat

Heat recovery ventilators will provide all of these benefits, without pumping the heat from your furnace outside. Instead, it collects much of the heat before the air is exhausted, and use that heat on the fresh air it brings in.

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Have you kept up with
Regular Maintenance?

Regular HRV/ERV maintenance should keep your system from experiencing a sudden crash. A protection plan includes:

  • Cleaning and/or replacing filters.
  • Air flow verification and, if needed, vent, grill and ductwork cleaning.
  • Cleaning and lubricating fans.
  • Condensate drain inspection.
  • Cleaning the heat exchange core.

Which type of ventilation system will work best for you? The experts at Anchor Home Comfort can help you choose the right one. Let us know what your concerns are, and what kind of air quality issues you face, and we’ll help you find the right solution. Contact us to learn more today.

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