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Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

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So, your HVAC technician has gotten to the bottom of your furnace issue and they hand you a repair quote. If it’s large, you might be wondering if it is time to just replace your furnace rather than repair it. Sometimes, it is more cost-effective to simply get a new furnace, especially if yours is old or has been piling up repairs bills lately. While we ultimately recommend you strategize about this with a professional, you can sometimes tell if the repair is worthwhile just from the parts involved. If your furnace is more than 12-15 years old, out of warranty and you are facing a repair over $300, you should consider replacement. Here are some situations you might face and information on whether repairing or replacing is best.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of the furnace. It takes in the heat from the combustion chamber and adds it to the air before the blower motor disperses that air throughout your home. Heat exchangers are expensive parts and when they have developed problems, there is typically more damage to the furnace. You should replace a furnace that has repair costs that are more than half its value, and a heat exchanger certainly is.

Ultimately, you will want to repair a furnace that has developed a cracked heat exchanger.

Thermocouple Issues

Thermocouples are the part that opens and closes the gas line into your furnace. If you have a furnace with a thermocouple, it’s most likely over 20 years old and should be replaced. Thermocouples can cause very frustrating issues, like poor furnace performance. It is best to invest the repair money into a new furnace

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Damaged Blower Motor

Blower motors are critical parts of a furnace. They distribute the warm air that the furnace creates into the home. When a blower motor isn’t working you may notice a range of problems from relatively minor, like a cold spot in the home, to major, like a furnace completely overheating and shutting down.

Any furnace that has a damaged or broken blower motor is usually a good candidate for replacement, not repair. Blower motors are expensive and critical parts of a furnace.

Gas Valve

The gas valve on a gas-powered furnace allows fuel to get to the furnace. A valve may fail to open or close. It may also leak out gas, creating a safety hazard.

A broken gas valve can be repaired, but could be a costly repair. If the furnace is less than 10 years old it might be best to repair, and if it is more than 10 Years old, you should probably think about replacement

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