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HVAC Maintenance in Ottawa, Orleans, and Embrun

Maintenance is important – whether it’s your car or your heating and cooling equipment, regular maintenance is the best way to reduce repair bills, maintain efficiency and extend it’s life.

With an ACE Protection Plan from Anchor Home Comfort (previously known as Anchor ClimateCare), you can be confident your furnace and air conditioner will continue to provide safe and reliable comfort for years to come. In addition, annual tune-up programs will increase the life of your equipment.

How our ACE Protection Plans work

When you enroll in our ACE Protection Plan, we take care of all the work. We will set up a maintenance schedule for you – no more remembering to call. Our professional technicians will perform maintenance on your furnace and central air system PLUS we can also take care of any accessories (humidifier, air cleaner, fireplace, water heater).

Best of all – you don’t have to remember. We’ll take care of reminding you when it’s time for your maintenance and set up a schedule that works for you.

Choose from ACE or ACE Plus Protection Plans

Coverage Maintenance Plan Protection Plan Full Coverage
Precision tune-up and safety inspection Yes No Yes
Safety inspection Yes No Yes
Year-round, 24/7 emergency response Yes Yes Yes
Parts and labour No Yes Yes
Zero overtime after-hours service rates Yes Yes Free
Additional equipment Yes No Yes
Preferred pricing for non covered repairs Yes Yes Yes
Priority booking Yes Yes Yes
Equipment replacement allowance Yes Yes Yes

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Why choose an ACE
Protection Plan?

Eventually your furnace and air conditioner are going to need replacement. When you invest in ACE from Anchor Home Comfort, we help you with the eventual replacement by awarding you an Equipment Replacement Allowance (ERA).

  • Precision tune – up
  • Safety inspection
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Discounts
  • and more..

Our friendly customer service agents are happy to help you determine which protection package would work best for your home. Reach out to us today for a no obligation conversation that could save you money all year long!

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