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Gas Fireplace Repairs

Gas Fireplace Repair in Ottawa

It’s always more affordable to maintain something you have than to buy it new. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for any problems with your fireplace and call the gas fireplace technicians at Anchor Home Comfort right away if you notice an issue.

Common Problems that indicate your fireplace needs attention include:

  • A sulfur (egg-like) odour coming from your fireplace
  • The fireplace has issues turning on or off
  • Soot is building up inside your fireplace or on your log set
  • The pilot light won’t stay lit
  • The flame appears distorted or different
  • Your front glass is discoloured.

Professional gas fireplace repair in Ottawa

Our technicians are highly trained in every product we sell. From installation to repair our technicians are familiar with best practices and ensure the best for your gas fireplace installation and repair.

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Avoid costly repairs with these simple maintenance tasks

Get the most out of your fireplace by regularly conducting these easy maintenance tasks:

Check for any build-up

Make sure that nothing is blocking the air flow of the unit. Routinely clean dust, cobwebs or any other debris out of your fireplace.

Keep the glass clean

This will not only help you enjoy your fireplace more, but it will also allow you to see any problems that may arise on the inside of the fireplace.

Don’t forget about the outdoor vent

Always inspect your fireplace’s outdoor vent for damage or any debris that may be lodged inside.

Inspect all hardware and glass

Double check that all screws, brackets and glass are secure and fastened properly. This ensures that everything that is supposed to stay in (or out), does so.

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Leave Everything Else to
The Professionals

When it comes to caring for and fixing your gas fireplace, the above are the only steps that you should do on your own.

All repairs should be conducted by professionals who are properly trained in gas fireplace inspection, repair, and service. When you’re dealing with gas, a lot can go wrong.

That is when the experts at Anchor Home Comfort come in. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff should be your first call for gas fireplace repair in the Ottawa, Orleans and the Embrun Area. Contact us today to make sure you stay warm and cozy this winter.

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