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All You Need to Know About Servicing Your Gas Fireplace: Why, How and How Often?

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How often should you clean your gas fireplace? How often should you call in the professionals to maintain it? Knowing your fireplace’s maintenance schedule is essential to keep it in good repair and to get the most efficiency and the longest lifespan from it. Plus, regular maintenance can prevent safety issues. Here’s all you need to know about servicing your gas fireplace.

Why Service Your Gas Fireplace?

It may seem like a hassle to call up your HVAC technician for gas fireplace annual maintenance, so why should you do it? There are many benefits of getting your fireplace maintained, including:

  • Reduce the need for repairs: Fireplaces that are kept in good repair will need fewer repairs. Maintenance will catch small issues that otherwise could have become costly. This will save you money and make up for the cost of maintenance.
  • Get a longer service life: Your fireplace will work for longer if you keep up with its maintenance needs. Delaying the cost of replacement is putting money in your pocket.
  • Keep your fireplace efficient: A fireplace that has been properly cleaned and maintained will run using less fuel. Even if you don’t use your fireplace for heating, but just use it for beauty, this can save you some money on utilities.
  • Keep your fireplace beautiful: Residue and soot can detract from your fireplace’s beauty. The same goes for deteriorating logs and dark glass.
  • Reduce safety issues: Safety issues are much less likely to develop if you keep your fireplace well maintained by a professional.

What Happens During Gas Fireplace Maintenance?

A gas fireplace’s annual maintenance is not a long process, but it is a thorough one with many steps. Your HVAC technician should make sure that every part of your gas fireplace is functioning. They will need to clean out various parts of it to prevent the build-up of soot and creosote. This helps keep proper airflow through the fireplace and maintain safety.

Speaking of safety, your technician will also use their experience and equipment to check for safety issues with your fireplace. Regular maintenance should prevent safety issues too.

To learn more about gas fireplaces and what steps are needed to maintain it, call our experts today.

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How Often Do Gas Fireplaces Need Maintenance?

Gas fireplace maintenance and cleaning should happen yearly at the very least. If you use your fireplace frequently, and you have noticed that it has developed soot, dirt, or other issues, then it is wise to call your service technician for more regular maintenance. Some signs that your fireplace needs maintenance include:

  • Worn logs
  • Dirt on the glass
  • Dirt on the frame
  • Residue in the fireplace
  • Unusual sounds
  • Unusual smells

Has your gas fireplace been serviced yet this year? If not, give Anchor Home Comfort a call today!